Welcome to the "Mobile QuestFields" demo page for Beekman BV. Mobile QuestFields enable users of mobile devices to find information with groundbreaking speed and ease. The iPhone displayed on the right features a simulation of Mobile QuestFields running in your browser. It is not just an image of an iPhone: Try it now by typing into the search field!

Beyond the iOS deviced like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Mobile QuestFields support virtually any modern browser. Support of additional mobile devices is in development.

For more information, call Mark Smit at MasterObjects (1-800-518-6001) or use the following links:

Above is the Mobile QuestField® running in a frame in your browser.
You can also open the QuestField in a new window.

The actual iPhone uses a different look, and offers additional features such as "flick scrolling" and native animations. The simulation was tested in Internet Explorer (6-9), Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera 9-11. Queries in the simulator should be near-instantaneous. Thank you for contacting us if you encounter any unexpected issues.